Entry 3

I made some updates today and yesterday. I haven't worked on this game as much simply because I'm graduating college next week and all of my attention has been brought to my portfolio. I simply haven't had the time. The good part to that is it gives me a chance to step back so that when I play it myself, it's fresh and I see things that need more tweaking. Thanks to a couple of playtesters, I have also fixed two bugs that completely break the game and fixed them. The boss has been updated as well so that he can teleport when he detects a wall instead of just relying solely on where the player is. There are still a few more things that need editing but I'll get to them eventually. They're few in number and I would like to set up a couple of other levels soon. I'd also like to lower the amount of dialogue that's in the game. It's just too much at once. I want to flush out the werewolf more as well, but what I have in mind would take some time to do... at least a week's worth of work just on him. But I plan to do it eventually.


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Mar 16, 2018

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