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Hello world! Grimlore is a game I've been working on since before I knew how to code, so... yea it's been about 5 years lol. The good news is that the core aspects of Grimlore is already in so I don't have to worry about them now. The hardest parts about making the game are finished. At this point it's just updates on the first level and I can build more stages as I go. There was also a a crawling mechanic that I took out very recently since it was causing problems and I needed this demo up ASAP as part of my college portfolio. If you want more of this game, feedback is always critical, good or bad.

The story is already flushed out and the only thing stopping me from continuing the development of this game is time and money. However, I don't even have time to ask for it at this moment. The donation button (which I didn't even know how it worked up until a few minutes ago) is lowered to one dollar, not necessarily to support me financially, but just a little nod or pat on the back. I'll probably get up on kickstarter or something if you really wanna gimme more. If you want to talk or chat about Grimlore, I'm more than happy to answer any questions or have a discussion on it.

Additionally, this a solo project. Everything is made by yours truly, with the only exception being the font style of the dialogue, and the plugins for the music, though the composition of the music is mine alone. In fact, I had to replace the first stage music because it sounded too much like a crazy rock/opera version of Phantom of the Opera. I mean, too close. I just didn't realize it until way later after I made it and put it in. The song itself ain't bad though, but you'll never hear it in the game.

Anyways, that's all for now.  Spanx.


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Feb 04, 2018

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