Entry 2

An abrupt update concerning a crash after beating the boss; It doesn't happen anymore and you can see the rest of the game. Spoiler, it's dialogue and there's nothing else gameplay wise. But it's good to go if you're curious. 

As for updates, I'm going to finish my asset design work for my portfolio show, as I am graduating college next month. Busy times indeed. I was supposed to do nothing but portfolio work anyway and forget about my personal games but, well I just couldn't do that. Future updates include fixing the UI interface (somehow...) making the game flow better in general, and start work on level 2. Before work on the second level however, I plan to fix the final mechanic that just didn't make it in the game, the crawling mechanic. It was in there originally, but it was causing issues with the character controls and animations. One step at a time. Til then, thanks for playing!


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Feb 26, 2018

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