Taterbots Updated

Hey everyone,

I hadn't planned on updating this game with the way my busy schedule is right now. But I had to just get away from it all and Taterbots had one big problem that I've been wanting to fix for the longest time. Every play-test I had, the player couldn't figure out what to do until they died so many times they didn't want to play anymore anyway. That's no good. So instead of making the player have to read the directions in-game, which none of the testers did (they just skipped it), I made an animated video that you're unable to skip and is only 25 seconds. Glad that's out of the way and really, Taterbots deserves to not be overlooked by those who play it because, I'm confident that it is a good game. Very hard, but good and fun. I take pride in coming up with unique mechanics for games no one has ever seen before. That includes some elements of Grimlore, like how you loot (although that game still needs tons of work just to finish the first stage). Taterbots is a much smaller and simpler game. It's about 4 or 5 times smaller than Grimlore in fact.


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Feb 26, 2018

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